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Re-create mailbox


I am brand new to Enterprise Vault, have never worked with it before, but I have started working in a company where we use it.

I am having some problems with an Exchange 2007 user and was thinking about exporting the users mailbox, deleting the mailbox and then creating a new. Will that be a problem with the Vault or will it "just" work with the newly created mailbox, it's the same user/SID?
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Re: Re-create mailbox

The question I would first ask is what sort of problem are you having with this user's mailbox?

It would be worth checking out this Technote as it may help you with re-associating the mbx to the archive.

How to migrate users from one Exchange server to another


Re: Re-create mailbox

We use HTC smartphones with Android. One of our users are having problem when synchronizing the calendar, it fails with a timeout error. Have tried on the same phone with my credentials and it works perfectly.
So I was thinking about exporting the users mailbox, deleting it, re-create it and then import the mailbox.