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Re-establishing mailbox archiving for migrated exchange mailboxes

Hi All,

I'm new to Enterprise Vault and am seeking some help. In our environment we have Enterprise vault 10.0.3 and we had set up mailbox archiving for a Exchange 2010 environment. Recently we have created new exchange server with 2013 and have migrated all the mailboxes to this new server and the old servers have been taken offline.

My question is what would be the best solution to restablish mailbox archiving for the users. Please assume they will require access to mails archive while using the previous exchange environment.



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Hello, You should have asked


You should have asked before you moved to Ex2013:-)

I assume you have the existing EV-environment still running?

First, on all you EV-servers, set the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Agents
DWORD SynchInMigrationMode
Value = 1

Restart services.

Make sure that the correct permissions and rights have been set on the new Exchange servers (run on the EV-server, the Deployment Scanner (using Vault Service Account) and target the new Exchange servers. check the Installing and Configuring guide on how to fix it.

When ok, define the Exchange servers in EV, run the provisioning task, synchonize the users (from the mailbox archiving tasks you create when defining the Exchange servers, rightclick, properties, sync). Run taks in report mode, when ok, run in normal mode.

That should do the trick. The users mailboxes will be re-connected to the existing archives, and then they will get archived as usual.

You might want to get assistance from a partner, but using the documentation, you should be able to get it going again.

Regards. Gertjan

Thanks for the response

Thanks for the response GertjanA.