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Rebuild EV environment due to corruption / inconsistency

Level 3

A customer wants a complete rebuild of his EV environment.

Due, lots of upgrades.scripts, corruption and inconstency, the customer wants to build a new EV environment in the same domain.

- 1 Domain

- Old EV server 10

- New EV server will be 11

- 1 SQL server

- Exchange 2013

- No Webapp integration, but the new one should have it.

I am not sure of its possible to have two EV environments in one domain, so i am using common sense to try and figure this out.

Please let me know is i am missing something. The goal is to have a quick migration strategy. At this moment, the descission hasn't been made if the shortcuts should return in de usermailbox for old archived items.


I have setup the following tasks that should be done.

Build fase:

- Install a new SQL instance for the EV11 databases

- Create new EV accounts

- Install EV 11 with new Alias

- Create EV sysmbx for Exchange archiving

- Exchange permissions and throttlepolicies

- Provision Exchange server for archiving

- Install Webapp for OWA


Migration fase:

- Delete shortcuts in usermailboxes

- Export archive EV10 server to PST

- Provision user in EV11

- Import PST in archive with or without shortcut creation


As the new EV environment is build from scratch, i wonder if its a best practice to install the EV server with Split DNS so that the shortcut URL is the same for internal and external users. Any thoughts on that?



Am i missing someting?







Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified

How many users and how much data?  We have a product called Archive Shuttle that is used for this scenario all the time.  I would be happy to chat more about it if you are interested.

Level 3

About 800 archives and 1.2TB of data.

Next week ill discuss this with the client, maybe tooling will be bought.....depends on the budget ;)

Partner    VIP    Accredited

it would be well worth the money spent and time saved to use a migration tool