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Recall E-Mails


is there a possability to recall E-Mail Objects which are placeholders (similar to FSA Tool fsautility.exe with parameters -b -s) in users mailboxes? We have decided to migrate to Exchange Online, were the users need their E-Mails all in one place.

We are using EV 12.2.3.

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Re: Recall E-Mails

There are companies specializing in migrating Enterprise Vault to Exchange Online.


(I work for cloudficient)

If you prefer "native" tools, you can do an export to PST from EV, then import that PST to Exchange Online, then manually delete the shortcuts (or let them expire with EV, or script the deletion) - but this is usally a very cumbersome, failure prone process.

cloudficient - EV Migration, creators of EVComplete.

Re: Recall E-Mails


I guess I may be a little behind in this response, along with Quadrotech, you could also look up Transvault which is one of the premier Archive Migration Tools in the space. (Certified TV Migration Specialist)

I agree with @MichelZ using the PST Export (EV's native tool) is going to be a cumbersome process.

Feel free to reach out for more on Migration Tools and expertise.

Transvault  Globanet 

Sheldon Dsouza
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