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Recall failure from EV9.0

Level 3


We have an out of support EV 9.0 version, maintained for Legal purpose, it has been working fine, recently we started facing issues for recalls. While we perform a search and recall from our DA, it recalls only Partial items. (eg: 475424 successfully exported items. 536770 total). We majorly see these errors in the EV and DA servers. 

Also found EVCR reporting System Volume Information' is denied error to a Journal Folder. 





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Hi Again,

I assume you checked if the VSA has full permissions to the location mentioned. I have seen the 1st 2 before, which were indeed caused by a corrupted CAB file. There is little to no solution to this. It might be that copying the file to a temp location, then copying it back resolves that. When I had this, I eventuelly determined which items were in the CAB, and informed the legal department that those items could not be retrieved anymore. 

As it is a 'legal' environment, you might want to discuss upgrading to a later version to be able to get support of VRTS. Unfortunately, you will have to upgrade via the major versions (i.e. 9 to 10, then 10 to 11, then 11 to 12, then 12 to 14) Or, setup a new environment, and migrate the archive(s) using a migration tool.


Regards. Gertjan

Level 6

As Gertjan stated, if the CAB files are indeed corrupted there is nothing we can do unless you have a backup where they are not corrupt.  Possibly a chkdsk if there is a drive issue reported by the system.  

If the CAB files can be opened by Windows then there may be another option to extract them back to their original location. Support would not be able to assist until the environment is at a supported version.