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Recreating Archive points

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Hi audience

I had an issue with archive points, described in I sucesfull removed AP and recreate them according to this Tech article.

But the result is not wanted in VAC, in list of archives. Now I have doubeled archives for affected AP (here) . How to solve this situation or is this normal?








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in your screenshot, those look like the actual archives in EV vs the archive points which are in the file system. at the bottom of the technote it says:

Note: In the event an Archive Point needs to be re-created, only FSAUtility should be used for this purpose. If other methods are used when re-creating Archive Points it is likely to result in the creation of duplicate Archives

so i believe what you have ended up with are duplicate archives

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How can you else recreate AP?

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Was FSAUtility -a used to re-create the AP?  

If you were to remove a folder target in the VAC and then re-add it creating and Archive Point it will create a new one causing a duplicate.  Also, using the archivepoints.exe command will create a duplicate.  FSAUtility will use the information in the DB to create the AP so it won't cause a duplicate.  

Do both archives contain archived items? 

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How many archives were duplicated? If you are talking about a low ammount you can manually correct them by editing the stream to point to the original archive ID. If this is a ton of them I would not do this. 

To coincide with the others.. this used to be more comon prior to FSAUtility but with teh current fucntioanhlty it is entirely possible to manage the FSA targets without duplicating archives as your screenshot shows. 


I hope this helps.