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Recurring appointments and shortcut deletion policy

Level 4


Using Enterprise Version Version:

We have 4 year retention policy

We have enabled ( set to On)   Archive Unexpired Calendar Events

AND DeleteNonShortcutItems is set to 2 which is Original items are included in storage expiry shortcut deletion


I am having confusion over what happens with a recurring appointment that was set up eg six years ago
Have tried reading up - unable to find exact answer - happy to receive links to documents

my questions:

1 -will there be archived calandar entries for the recurring appointment in the Archive ( accessible via Archive explorer ) older than 4 years

2-will the recurring appointments in the archive and in the future be preserved

3-will the appointments older than 4 years still be in Exchage 2007

4-will the recurring appointments in Exchange 2007 and in the future be preserved

thank you


Level 6
Employee Accredited


Please refer following articles :

Deleting expired recurring archived Calendar entries will delete the entire series and not just the expired item.

How to exclude recurring calendar items from archiving