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Regarding assign to another region support.

Level 4


Please be informed that we log a ev's ticket in veritas portoal and all ticket will pass to India's support. 

Since we are located in East Asis and may I know how to change our ticket and assign to China or US support?


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Hello Ryan,

I believe this depends on the severity of the ticket. I thought only P1 tickets (i.e. EV down) are using follow the sun principle.

I assume you want the ticket to be assigned to someone in your time-zone. It might be you can request that, not sure. If you call support, you can ask to speak to the duty manager, and explain to him/her. DM should be able to assist.

Regards. Gertjan

Level 4

Hey @Y1251 ,

Most of the Support for Enterprise Vault is handled in India. There was Support available from the centre in Australia to cater to the customers in China or South East Asia, unfortunately, that's no longer the case. So you will land up with folks from India, UK or the US. 

This forum is also equipped with certified and experienced personnel who have worked with implementation and management of Enterprise Vault (and other VERITAS products), you can raise your concern here and if it needs in-depth analysis, this group will suggest you to contact Support and instead of raising a ticket via the portal, call them so that you can make a specific request regarding the handling of the ticket.

@GertjanA  P1 cases still have the "Follow the Sun" model, but I don't think you can raise P1 or Sev1 cases via the portal. You have to call the "hotline" to raise a P1/Sev1 ticket.

Sheldon Dsouza