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Relocating Partition Store

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I wonder if anyone seeing this problem and have a solution for it.

Recently I had to create a temporary new opened partition for our EV mailbox vault store and then a few days later when I was given a new bigger drive/store I moved this new temporary partition to the new drive/location following an article from Symantec website and all went ok and EV was able to archive new items in to the new location but since then I am getting loads of the following error every night when the EV start the archiving process or when i restart the EV services:

Event ID: 6511

Error deleting WatchFile database record for missing Saveset file

[Partition: Mailbox Vault Store 1 Ptn28]

[Vault ID: 10F9FCFFCDF939144BEC5722919E069FB1110000evault]

[Saveset Filename: K:\Mailbox Vault Store 1 Ptn28\2011\09-06\9\150\91508C13C19FD54638564550797DC7E1.DVS]

[Transaction ID: 91508C13C19FD54638564550797DC7E1]

Obviously the entire partition was moved from K:\ drive to a new location and Vault is pointing to the new location for the open partition store. There are no queued items in the MSMQ lists.

Checking the number of rows in the JournalArchive and the WatchFile tables are not matching. The JournalArchive is much much bigger.

I know other people have similar issues but in my case the data have been moved to a new location.

Thank you ALL.




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did you update the WatchFile to point to the new location?

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Level 6
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did you update the WatchFile to point to the new location?

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thank you for your respond much appreciated.

No I have not updated any sql tables. As far as I remember the instructions was not included updating any tables.

In the WatchFile I have about just over 9000 rows and within that about over 1000 rows is still pointing at the old parition drive. Do I need to modify the ItemName coloumn to point to the new location. these items that still pointing at the old location are they not yet archived or they have archived but still watchfile has not cleared them.