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Reports error

Hi, I have a problem accessing any reports for mailbox archiving. The problem starts when the vsa became to ask for change, because "the genius" of the AD admin put the vsa as enable to change the pass every 30 days.

This is the error:  An error has occurred report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)
                               An attempt has been made to use a data extension 'EVDataExtension' that is not registered for this report server. (rsDataExtensionNotFound)

Thanks in advance !!!

2 Replies

Hi Gonza, 1. Do you get this

Hi Gonza,

1. Do you get this error for all reports you open or just a certain few

2. Have you upgraded SQL recently from 2000 to 200, if you have you may want to check the troubelshooting Enterprise Vault reports manual

3. What hardware is the SQL 32bit or 64bit

Also check out the "Troubleshooting Enterprise Vault Reporting" PDF where this error is mentioned which i think is the same as the technote.