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Restore Archive

Level 3
A user has recently left the company and the archive was removed from the system. This archive now has to be restored. We are running EV 5 CP5 for MS Exchange on W2k, with a separate SQL server, our EV servers are partitioned into 222 GB drives and the data would have been stored on a single drive for this user, is there any way to restore the archive?

We don't have auditing enabled. Does anyone have any experience with this? I have a free drive that I could potentially restore the data onto, but how do I locate the information that belong to the users archive?

Level 6
Jo, if you download EV 6.0 and look at the documentation for a file called Administrator's Guide it talks about disaster recovery options, which is basically what you are doing. Even though that's the 6.0 version of the document, most of it will apply to your situation, if not all of it.

Essentially what you will need to do is this:

1. Do a full DR restore of the entire org into a lab environment.
2. Export this one archive from there into PST's.
3. Take those PST's into the production environment and restore there.

Level 6
Oh, also a lot of companies when they need to kill an archive will export it to PST first, burn those to CD/DVD and store those files someplace. THEN delete the archive. Just FYI.