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Restore only ShortCut Mails in Exchange

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is it possible to restore / export only Emails that exist as an Shortcut in Exchange.
The Problem i when i Export an Archiv to Original Location all Emails and Folders (empty) will
be recreate in Exchange. The Customer hast 8 Years in Archiv.
He wants to restore all Mails from an User but only this one that have an ShortCut.

I tryed it with an Custome Serach in Outlook to MessageClass and then Restore with Vault Plugin.
In Test its ok but it not Worked. Some Users hase 20k EMails so Outlook crashed, and we have 400 Users.

Any Idea?  Thanks for Help

mfg Thomas


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Hello Thomas,

I believe this is not possible in EV. 3rd party tooling should be able to do so. We use TransVault, but Quadrotech Archiveshuttle should also be capable of doing this. Restoring the way you described it is for a small number of items an option, but not for a lot, as you found out yourself.

Advantage of using TV is that you can specify a rootfolder to restore to. I.e., restore the archive under folder \restored_archive

That allows users to clean up there restored items, if they want.

Regards. Gertjan