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Retention Category not updating (Archive or Itens)

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I need help

I environment is:

  • Exchange 2010 SP3 RU 15
  • Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 (Original instalaion EV 8.0, upgraded)
  • Outlook 2010 with Outlook add'ins V10.0.0.1354

Up to now, nobody could delete message from there archive. Not the ask me to see what is need for certain user starting delete message from there archive. I follow

  • I change the Site Settings now I have the options "Users can delete items from their archives"  select.
  • Create a now Retention Categories with the options "Prevent deletion of archived items in this category" and "Retain items forever" not check (in the old category we had "Retain items forever" and "Prevent deletion of archived items in this category" select).
  • I create a new Provisioning Group wit new Policy (copies from the original ones) and add the new Retention Categories.
  • Add the user to the new Provisioning Group.
  • Run Provisioning Tasks 
  • Certified that the user belonged to the new Provisioning Group.
  • Sync my mailbox
  • Run manually the archive tasks
  • Add ArchiveExplorerDelete=1 in the WebApp.ini (

I have 2 question?


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When an item is archived it is tagged with a retention category.  That retention category stays with the item for it's life unless the item is moved to a folder with a different retention category (and updating is allowed in the configuration) or a manual operation is used to change it.  Creating a new retention category and policy for users will not have any effect on existing items.

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Thanks WiTSend,

I had a problem here I archive lots of Junk, I like to delete that junk, what are the manual operation for that,

Sql query? 

I look in to creating a folder and move the itens to that folder


The only way would be to create a separate retention category, apply it to a Junk folder using EVPM and then move the items into the Junk folder. This will change the retention category and allow it to be expired.

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Hi WitSend,

I' not talking about Junk email. 

In the past we had Lotus Notes, then we migrated to Exchange 2003, and discontinue the Lotus server, a few years late we started to use the enterprise vault server.

A few weeks ago the add the key KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Agents DWORD: IgnoreEVDates Value = 3. (

Then the "Lotus Note Draft" where imported very EV run, the message where not changed for the shortcut. Now I have folders that had 8 items with over 500k items in that archive folder. 

I need to delete this Item, this mailbox have big Indexes, and lots of results in search.


Whether or not it's Junk...  create a folder; create a retention category, use EVPM to apply the retention category to the folder and move the items into the folder which will update their retention category and allow them to be expired as you desire.

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Thanks WiTSend

I create a new mailbox folders using EVPM and assign the new retention category, If I move shortcut to that folder after the enterprise vault update the location of the items move in the mailbox. I can see that the retention category was update and I can delete the Items. 

We have some non-shortcut type item that where archive, and this are the items that got replicated n times and if I move this items they don't update the archive Items. 

Is there way to delete this items?