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Retrieval fails (permissions) but restore succeeds

Level 4

Hello, Does anyone know why I'd see the following behaviour and can perhaps help me understand what's going on?

At a basic level, shortcut retrieval is failing but restores succeed

EV12, Exchange 2013 CU11

The error (Event log and DTrace of retrieval task) indicates the following:

(RetrievalTask)    <43336>    EV:M    {CMailboxPermissions::CheckCallerAccess:#609} Caller [DOMAIN\vault_service_account] does not have rights to mbx [/o=Exchange/ou=Exchange Admin Grp /cn=Recipients/cn=User Name]: [0x1]
4718    14:43:08.118     [24636]    (RetrievalTask)    <43336>    EV:H    {CRestorationAgent::UserPermissionsChecks:#3308} COM error [0x80040b36]
4719    14:43:08.118     [24636]    (RetrievalTask)    <43336>    EV:H    {CRestorationAgent::RestoreSaveset:#3929} COM error [0x80040b36]

In the EV application event log:

The user 'DOMAIN\User' attempted to restore an item  - the request failed because the user does not have full mailbox access or admins rights - event Id 3424

The only other piece of info I can think of as relevant is the behaviour was noticed after a CU was applied, although I can't prove it happened diretly after. I have seen a change in my Exchange environment before after applying a Service Pack which changed some of my Exchange permissions, so perhaps its more Exchange than EV, but still

Does anyone have any ideas why the above would only affect retrieval but leave restoring of emails unaffected?