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Retrospective fitting of retention folders

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Hi Guys

Im looking for advice on retrospectivly getting retention folders running on our fileshares. We have an issue where we need to exclude the windows folder in users personal drives from archiving as its causing problems for people logging on.


Our users personal folders go like this


And i'd like to keep archiving the same with the exception of NOT archiving the windows folder.

Retention folder may be the wrong thing to use as i do not want to create any folders...i simply want to exclude one for everyuser.

So in my test env i created the volume policy thats the same in production, i also have a folder policy thats the same and ive added a "windows folder policy" to cover the exclusion of the windows folder.

Ive created a retention folder policy and have simply added one folder called "Windows" and applied the "windows folder policy"

under my volume ive added the "\" and selected the retention folder policy.

So its runs and indeed on my test 5 users everything gets archived and the windows folder gets left alone.

Im wondering has anyone any advice on the pro's and cons of introducing this to the production env....approx 7000 users??

Will it work if i remove the current targets and add them back using a retention folder policy..all archives and archive points should remain??

The theory sounds good but im worried about pulling the trigger for production.....any advice very much appreciated!



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if it works the way you did it with the 5 test users then i'd suggest rolling it out to 50, then 100, and so on. best to expose any kinks in the plan gradually and not after you've impacted 7k users.

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Understood Andy, the 7000 are split into units, i might have to find the smallest of those units and hope for the best.....more research and testing needed before i do anything drastic!