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Rules for Usage and Setting SynchInMigrationMode in Registry

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Dear Experts,

we have a user who has moved between various countries, taking her outlook mail file from Exchange Server to Exchange Server in various domains, finally returning to the UK and the domain where she started !

We use EV ver 10.3, currently. I tried to enable her mailbox that had been migrated back to our UK based Exchange Servers, but ran into problems and an error message that recommended use of an additional Registry Setting 'SynchInMigrationMode'.

I checked the Registry for our EV server and 'SynchInMigrationMode' is not currently present in the described location.

Reading the blurb for 'SynchInMigrationMode', default setting is 0, '1' makes EV assign a new mailbox to an existing archive, if the LegacyMbxDN matches, '2' creates new entries for the new mailbox and renames old entries that have a matching LegacyMbxDN, by adding timestamps to the LegacyMbxDN fields.

I guess, that as the user has returned to the UK and wants her re-migrated mailbox to be archived into the same existing Archive, the best setting is '1'.

However, I am not happy about adding a registry setting to a live, running production server with lots of users using it, if that means an unscheduled reboot or unscheduled restart of the EV services.The document does not tell me if this is or is not a risky approach, or if it is necessary to stop or restart any services.

So, can I add this registry setting 'on the fly' and change its setting from 0 to 1 without risking service outage or the need to either reboot OR restart any services ?

Appreciate your advice and guidance !



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you can add the reg key but i wouldnt expect it to take affect until you restart the EV Admin service

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Pretty sure you would just need to restart the Archiving Tasks.