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Run the throttling and permission.ps1 in a mixed Ex 2010 / 2016 environment

Level 4

Hi all,

We are integrating Exchange 2016 into an existing Exchange 2010 environment with EV 11.
For Exchange 2010, the throttling policy script run (for Exchange 2010) and the Exchange permissions PS script run during the initial setup

However with Ex 2016 in the mix, I’m not entirely sure on whether to run both scripts again or not.
- Exchange permissions: Most permissions are organization wide, so I guess not. Ex 2016 is in the same org, same admin group
- Exchange throttling policy. The script can be run with a –version switch to apply to Exchange 2013 and above. This is explained in the install and configure guide.

How does this translate in this situation?
1. Do we run the throttling script again to be set for both 2010 and 2013 (and up)
2. Do we run it with the –version switch to ONLY set it for Exchange 2016?

Looking at the article”” (set policy manually for Ex 2013) there is a note: "Note: Please do not follow this steps if Microsoft Exchange 2013 is being deployed in a mixed environment with throttling policy already configured for Exchange 2010".

This is strange, when deployed the first time (script) there was only Ex 2010, so the script only set Ex 2010.
However, manually I shouldn’t run if it’s been set in a mixed environment (see above)?

Does anyone of you have experience in this?

We have added Ex 2016 servers to EV and configured the Archive tasks, but they are failing with a “permission like” issue. I want to rule this out, but these articles contradict each other a bit…and I want to avoid breaking the existing EV 11 / Ex 2010 throttling / permissions as the environment needs to continue to run.

Thanks for helping out.

BR Bert


Level 6

Same questions when I deployed 2013 and I never found an answer. I knew the permissions and throttling were OK so I chased down all the issues and eventualy got archiving working.

What are the 'permission like' issues?

I had events events 3410/2256 when trying to start archiving new 2013 archive tasks, using the same Account as other 2010 archive tasks. Eventually figured out it was my OA config and I added connection points in the Targets/Exchange/Domain properties.


Did resolve this issue because, I have this same problem in exchange 2010/2013?