SIS in Multiple Enterprise Vault servers

Hi everyone,


I would be greatful if you guys shed some light here..

I have two servers that I need to deploy EV for 3000 users and also around 100 users journaling. I am planning to split the load on both servers as follows:

Server 1 - Archiving and indexing

Server 2 - Journaling and indexing journal - and may be also use this server for archiving at the later stage.


My question here is:

I am planning to do a SIS but I am not sure if I will benefit sharing SIS feature on both servers. Would SIS only apply to a vault store group that is located in one server.

Is it worth having SIS across both servers. I am assuming there will be extra and extra load for this on the EV servers.

or is it much more better to have two seaparte SIS grouping by having two separate vault store groups one for jouranling and one for archiving.


thank you

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Re: SIS in Multiple Enterprise Vault servers

By setting up SIS across the two vault stores (servers) you will only have one copy (ostensibly) of any items that are captured by the Journal archive.  With less than 1% of your users population being Journaled the storage savings would be very minimal.  If at some point to you decide to Journal more, or create a second mailbox vault store you could then enable SIS across the vaults to then reap the benefits.  But, at this point it really wouldn't save you much, especially considering the additional complexity and cross-server traffic.

my 2 cents...