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SMTP Journaling from another domain

Level 3

Hi All

We have EV12.1 in domain x with smtp archiving task running. I have targeted my Exchange journling (in domain y) to send to this smtp service in domain x in hope of it being able to journal messages into our new backend infrastructure. Messages are arriving and being processed however a dtrace shows

{SmtpArchivingErrorHandler.HandleParsingException} Exception: Target addresses do not match with any recipient for this file

and items move to the NoMatchingTargets folder.

I'm presuming that due to the email domain in x being different to the email domain in y, it can't find any matching recipients or senders? Is there a way for EV to ignore targets and just archive the message as is?

I've gone into Site settings/SMTP/Advanced and added in all domains in the "List of interneal SMTP domains" but still no go.




Level 3

I think I answered my own question. I dug a bit deeper and found I'd made a mistake in the alias file. I'd called the SMTP address EJournaling@xxx and the archives EJournaling1@xxx & EJournaling2@xxx. In the alias file I'd accidentally put EVJournaling: alias EJournaling1.