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SQL Query for Indexes Pending Updation and Index Health

Level 4

Hi All

Have written a basic customised script for my environment to report on indexes which are pending updation, and the health of the Index Volumes. We make use of the report to understand if any indexes are in failed state as this information does not show up in the VAC in the 'Status' section.

The Powershell script connects to SQL and sends an HTML report via SMTP mail. We have scheduled this to run once daily.

Customise the following values to your environment and enter all the Vault Store database name the script needs to run against.



The report will be available at C:\Temp\IndexPending_<date>.csv for review and will also be sent via email.

You may optimise this further if required. To run the script, rename the attached file to .ps1, save it in C:\Temp and execute it from Powershell as C:\Temp\IndexStatisticsReport.ps1