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SQL query - Archive last accessed


We are running EV 9.4. I have the SQL query below.

EVDA.Archivename, round(cast(AP.ArchivedItemsSize as float)/1024,2) as 'size of archive in MB',
Ap.ArchivedItems as 'no of archived items',
FROM archivepoint AP
Inner Join enterprisevaultdirectory.dbo.root EVDR on EVDR.VaultEntryID = AP.ARchivePointID
Inner Join enterprisevaultdirectory.dbo.archive EVDA on EVDA.RootIdentity = EVDR.RootIdentity
JOIN EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.ExchangeMailboxEntry EME on EME.DefaultVaultId = AP.ArchivePointId
WHERE modifieddate < '2015-07-31'
and mbxarchivingstate = '1'
or mbxarchivingstate = '2'
and mbxexchangestate = '1'
order by 'modifieddate' 


is it possible to also get "last accessed" info for each archive? 

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Re: SQL query - Archive last accessed

Access related data is captured only if audting is enabled.

Re: SQL query - Archive last accessed

or you can review IIS logs. There are some articles on this site that might help with that.

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