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SQL query to find the index volume corresponding to index volume ID

Level 4

Hi !

In Discovery Accelerator, some time we have some search with error "index State: Failed".  I have the Index Volume ID, by example, 68.

There is a SQL query, I can run to know which index volume is corresponding to the index volume ID ?

Thanks !



Level 3
Accredited Certified

Update your EVDIrectory database name and provide the Index Volume ID to get Index location info.

USE [EnterpriseVaultDirectory]
SELECT CE.ComputerNameAlternate As [EV Server],A.archivename AS [Archive Name],
IV.IndexVolumeIdentity AS [Index Volume],
IV.IndexedItems AS [Indexed Items],IV.FailedItems AS [Failed Items],
IRPE.indexrootpath AS [Index Path],IV.foldername AS [Folder Name],
FROM IndexVolume IV
JOIN indexrootpathentry IRPE ON IV.indexrootpathentryid = IRPE.indexrootpathentryid
JOIN archive A ON IV.rootidentity = A.rootidentity
JOIN indexingserviceentry ISE ON IRPE.IndexServiceEntryId = ISE.ServiceEntryId
JOIN Computerentry CE ON ISE.ComputerEntryId = CE.ComputerEntryId
WHERE IV.IndexVolumeIdentity = '<Index Volume No>'