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SQL to check number of email with email received date in inbox for user

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may I have a SQL to generate a report that a user inbox status in vault and the output as below:

username, email subject, received date 



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If you look for this question in Google, you will get this post from the forum:


Regards. Gertjan

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sorry but email subject is not stored in SQL

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As far as I know, there is no function to save themes, only the name and date. If you are writing a business letter, you may find this information on how to write an effective business letter in 10 minutes helpful.

E-mail is one of the worst time wasters. We have already written about how to organize effective work with incoming letters. But the duties of some of your employees include not only viewing the contents of the mailbox, but also writing business letters.

A business letter is a document that is used to convey official information between colleagues, employees and government officials. On some professional sites or here you can pay for any kind of essay or pay for the text of a business letter. A business letter to a partner performs not only an informational role, but also forms the image of the company. A lot of familiarity, a strict style, lisping like a best friend - how you present information to a partner will depend on his attitude towards your company.

The problem with many employees is that they don't have the skills to write business letters. Such a task introduces them into a stupor, forcing them to edit the text for a long time.

How to write business letters quickly and in a way that you can understand

Our colleague faced the same problem. But, fortunately, in our corporate library there is a book by Sasha Karepina “The Art of Business Writing”. It helped more than one employee, we will be glad if it will be useful in your company.

So, what difficulties do we face when writing a letter

  1. There are many thoughts, but where do you start the letter?
  2. All sorts of things are spinning in my head: dear, take an action .. This makes the letter long and boring.
  3. I just want to enter, memorized from the school bench, clerical expressions. And a couple in each sentence.
  4. How to convey the essence of the letter so that the addressee understands us correctly?


Starting a business letter

“Dear sir, we hasten to inform you…” Would you continue reading such a masterpiece? If not, then keep 3 tips:

  1. you are not sure if the recipient will open the letter before lunch or after, so replace “good afternoon/evening” with “hello”;
  2. contact by name and patronymic, and if you are not sure about the accuracy of the information, do not use “dear sir”;
  3. if the correspondence lasts a long time, it is still forbidden to address in a short form.

General rules for business correspondence

The definition of a business letter says that this is an official document, which means that abbreviations, the use of slang and emotional expressions