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Save multiple Shortcuts as non-EV Mail

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has someone a idea how to perform that?

Problem: some users save shortcutmails via drag & drop instead of "save as in outlook message full view". so they are saving the shortcut mails only. Issues are on file system, not every one can open the mail (only currently granted archive permissions) and the item expiry.

I know the users could export the mails from EVS. but for Outlook, is there any solution with good user experience (maybe VBS) or something?





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what are you trying to achieve? and what exactly do you mean with "saving mail"

Is your goal to send archived mails to other users?

Hi CCConsult,

some users are saving the shortcut mail only instead of the complete mail.

With saving mail I mean save the whole message, not the ev preview only. However, I can open one EV-Shortcut in outlook and save it as full email, but this doesn't work for multiple messages. I know it is difficult and its more an Feature Request for Veritas.

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Just trying to understand what happened in the background for your issue, please correct if wrong. User’s mailbox had EV shortcut (stub) and these shortcut were moved to local file system (eg c:\temp) then copied to file server. Now you need to those copy those MSG file in its original format (without archived).

Well this approach require developer/script background and currently I don’t know if anyone came across to this situation and created any script. In my theory this should be flow that needs to achieve programmatically. Both approach require a user who have permission on all EV archives ( )

Approach 1
1.    Parse all MSG file of specified location (c:\folder\*.msg)
2.    Retrieve the hidden message (ArchiveID & SavesetID)
3.    Retrieve emails using programmatically (eg http:///evserver.ev.local/enterprisevault/download.asp?VaultID=<ArchiveID>&savesetID=<SSID>) other location.

1.    In one of domain joined machine, install outlook, install EV addin
2.    Scan the msg directory of file server ((c:\folder\*.msg)
3.    Retrieving those message programmatically and silently in background then copy to other location (c:\original)

I cannot think any tool for same job and will try to create script of this job if possible.

Pradeep Papnai

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 The nearest workaround that I can think of is.

  1. Create a ‘Test’ mailbox, enable it for archiving OR use any other test mailbox if you already have one.
  2. Provide restore functionality from policies.
  3. Drag items from File system (eg C:\share\Archived) to ‘\Inbox’ (or any other folder) of test mailboxes in batches (10-20 for example). Restore these emails.
  4. Move restored emails to PST or drag these items back to File system (eg. C:\share\Restored)

Hi Pradeep,

thanks for you input.

With your workaround described I have something to deliver in case of restore inquieres. To approach 1), if I find time i will try out, also compared to evsr (authentification without evsr for a service account may be an issue on your approach).

However, I think this is more likely an Feature Request or a topic which user all should educated about. Shortcut's are not regular E-Mails, this fact some user still don't know. So it would be preferable to save multiple shortcuts via an EV Add-In Button like "save selected Shortcuts as full regular message on file system". Button should be enabled if more shortcut mails are selected and in right click context menu. With this additional feature in EV Add-In, would be also a reminder for all end users that they don't easily can save mails on file system if they are shortcuts and the whole message should be kept longer than the expiry date. by the way: 2nd improvement idea would be an hint (like exchange message mail tip), if you are adding shortcut mails as attachment, that this high-likely won't work for the recipient and you may have to restore the mail.

Somehow, there may be other good improvement ideas with an much higher severity.

I can not predict if this may be a greater issue any time, for sure well-tutored users still save multiple shortcut mails from archive witthin the EVS...