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Search and discovery of CDR's!

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Hi there,

one of my customers, a telco has tons of CDR files than need to be indexed and search for financial audits!

We want to fulfill this request with EV and an Access Appliance.

EV to index and push indexed CDR files to Access Appliance for retention. 

The customer should be able to run a query like, "list all cdr files from the year 2020" or "search for all CDR's for a specific telephone number" and restore those file to a specific directory. on the EV server or another location!

Can this be implemented with this combination?

Thanks for your comments and thoughts in advance!


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I am not sure I can advise properly, but here goes.

Do you have FSA license? If so, copy content of CDR's to a folder on a fileserver, and have that archived immediatey. No shortcuts (if that is possible in FSA). After having archived a few, use Discovery Accelerator to see if you can do searches as you describe. 

If no FSA, sent content of cdr's to a mailbox, archive that completely.

Regards. Gertjan