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Good Morning,

We have two locations and two vaults per location created in EVault. Each location has their own exchange server. We are currently running into an issue, where when we search a specific internal email list (distribution list) as 'Recipient' in advanced search, and metadata 'resm' as attribute with the user email address, results return email from both locations. Does anyone know if this is expected behavior for internal email lists?

Ex: LA Vault; OHIO Vault. Email sent to internal email list which includes users in LA and OHIO, does this mean one copy is added to each vault per user? If this is the case, why would they all appear when searching a specific metadata attribute specific to the user, like email address?

Thank you!



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a DL is not a mailbox. EV archives from mailboxes (whether user, shared, or journal) so if your DL includes mailboxes from multiple locations and you're archiving all those mailboxes then if you search an attribute which is common to all those mailboxes, your search results will include results from them all.

sounds like expected behavior.

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Is there Veritas documentation I can read to document this?

Thank you so much for your response!