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SearchFolderManager.exe Error 8004011d

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Hi everyone, 

we are facing the mentioned error in one environment. Outlook 2013 installed on the server. Mailboxes on 2016 CU9. It does not matter if we execute it manually or with the powershell script. Tested for different mailboxes, all failing with Error 8004011d. Using a elevated command prompt and logged in as the VSA. The VSA does have full access to the mailboxes in question. No additional event in event logging. Archiving is working without any issues.


{CEVMAPILieModeLock::ReleaseNonExclusiveLock:#101} Released lock.

{HrMAPIOpenMsgStoreKvs:#59} Opened msg store [0x8004011d]

{CMailboxHelper::OpenMailbox:#324} Could not open message store: [0x8004011d]



RPC Client Access Log: 

client-software: SearchFolderManager.exe

operation: OwnerLogon

rpc-status: -2147221231 (rop::LogonFailed)

failures: RopHandler: Logon: [ConnectionFailedTransientException] Cannot open mailbox <MailboxDN>. -> [MapiExceptionLogonFailed] Unable to open message store. (hr=0x80040111, ec=-2147221231)  [diag::...


 Any idea what else to check?


Thanks and kind regards



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Shame on me for not verifying this earlier but the VSA was a member of the Exchange Organization Administrators group. After removing it we can execute searchfoldermanager for all mailboxes without an issue so far.

Interestingly we had much more issues with archiving itself in other environments when the VSA was a member of the group and as archiving was pretty fine in this environment I did not think about that.

StepMonty, maybe something you could verify as well? 

Anyway thank you both for the hints.




PMCS GmbH & Co. KG - A Serviceware Company

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Hi Marc,

So the error 8004011d is purely a MAPI error which translates to MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER and the RPC log is slightlhy different at 80040111 which is MAPI_E_LOGON_FAILED:-

So from what you state I assume you are running SearchFolderManager.exe tool manually for whatever reason as documented here:-

Please correct me if my understanding is incorrect.

So the first thing I would like to do is take this particular tool iut of the equation. You have stated that you have tried different mailboxes and get the same issue so I am going to assume this happens to all mailboxes.

For these same mailboxes are you able to perform a sync from the archiving task? I just want to see if that works as if it does then the question is what is this particular tool doing different to the archive task? If the archiving task does not work we then know we have a generic MAPI communication issue with these mailboxes.





Enterprise Vault Senior Principal Engineer APJ

I'm having the same issue with one mailbox also on Exchange 2016 CU9.  The archiving task can access the mailbox OK, but when it gets to the sent items it throws the 3492 error - There are over 80K messages in the Sent Items folder of this mailbox.

However, when logged onto the EV server as the Vault Service account, then run the SearchFolderManager command from an elevated command prompt, I get the error;

Error 8004011d

The fact that the archiving task still archives items from the mailbox OK (but fails once it gets to Sent Items) indicates that EV does not have any connectivity issues.  More that the SearchFolderManager.exe executable isn't connecting properly for Exchange 2016?

StepMonty thanks for that information. Let me try a repro which will take a while to generate 80k mails and get an exchange 2016 CU9 system. 

Enterprise Vault Senior Principal Engineer APJ

Wha=t versions of EV are you guys running?

Enterprise Vault Senior Principal Engineer APJ

Hey Paul, we're on EV 12.1

I just noticed that this error has only started appearing since I moved this particular mailbox over to Exchange 2016.  It appears this did not happen in Exchange 2010?

OK so I have a system running Exchange 2016 CU5 with EV 12.1. I have a user who has 46,877 items in its Inbox which is above the threshold of 40,000. I ran searchfoldermanager.exe and it completed with no problems at all so I cannot reproduce:-

330 18:36:33.800 [13956] (SearchFolderManager) <8416> EV:L {ProcessFolder:#280} Processing folder [￾Inbox]
331 18:36:33.816 [13956] (SearchFolderManager) <8416> EV:L {ProcessFolder:#286} Items in folder [46877]
332 18:36:33.816 [13956] (SearchFolderManager) <8416> EV:L {ProcessFolder:#290} Search folder is required

So can you both run the searchfoldermanager.exe command with DTRACE switched on against searchfoldermanagerprocess, log to a file and put the DTRACE file up here for analysis.



Enterprise Vault Senior Principal Engineer APJ

What version of Outlook do you have on your EV server.  We're running Outlook 2013.

Sorry, can you send some instructions on running DTRACE for SearchFolderManager.exe ?  I've never used DTRACE?

Sorry, and we're actually running Exchange 2016 with CU8

I cannot imagine the CU matters. Here are the instructions for DTRACE:-

I would use the command line option personally and so for step 7 you need to choose the SearchFolderManager process.

Enterprise Vault Senior Principal Engineer APJ

My Vault server is running Outlook 2013 also.

Enterprise Vault Senior Principal Engineer APJ

Hi Paul,

Dtrace is attached.

I wouldn't be so sure that a CU wouldn't change things - I've seen crazier things lol ;) 



I upgraded my server to CU9 and the tool still works fine.

The error is in generic MAPI code and it is simply saying I cannot open this particular mailbox:-

183 14:39:00.967 [11724] (SearchFolderManager) <11028> EV:L {CEVMAPILieModeLock::ReleaseNonExclusiveLock:#99} Released lock.
184 14:39:00.967 [11724] (SearchFolderManager) <11028> EV:L {HrMAPIOpenMsgStoreKvs:#59} Opened msg store [0x8004011d]
185 14:39:00.967 [11724] (SearchFolderManager) <11028> EV:H {CMailboxHelper::OpenMailbox:#305} Could not open message store: [0x8004011d]

If you logon to the vault server as the vault service account can you open this mailbox in outlook?

If it does then does Outlook use a different connection method than you see in the logs?

Does Enterprise Vault connect to these mailboxes at all? I would expect that it would not and there is a generic configuation problem between EV and Exchange 2016 based on this log.

This section is interesting from your log:-

{GetOverrride:#4160} Using [GCOverride] from [organization] entry [GC://ADDC01.Domain.local]

That is telling me that if you right click on your domain in the VAC this GC has been specifiedmanually. Any reason for that?

Take it out. Does that resolve the problem?

Enterprise Vault Senior Principal Engineer APJ

Thanks Paul,

I removed the static GC entry, but it did not resolve the issue.  You are also correct that I cannot create an Outlook profile on the EV Server to mailboxes on Exchange 2016 - However I can definitely confirm they are archiving OK.  My mailbox is on Exchange 2016 and any messages over 3 months old are being archived.

I noticed in the new Outlook profile, the options on the Securty Tab a blanked out, and I don't get a Connection tab?  This seems odd?  So I can't set the connect via HTTP or set the Logon Network Security?  I'm not sure why these options don't show for a mailbox on Exchange 2016?

The mailbox for the Vault Service account is still on Exchange 2010.  Not sure if this makes a difference?

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Hi to both of you. 

Paul, you understood everyhing correctly. All the mailboxes we tried to execute this against are failing with the same mentioned error. As stated earlier archiving is completely fine for alle mailboxe. Synchronization should be fine as well but I'll get another confirmation for this just to make sure. 

Version is 12.2 . Outlook is 2013. 

The abstract of the dtrace that I posted was from SearchFolderManager.exe which seems to contain basically the same as StepMonty gets. Unfortunately I am not allowed to post the dtrace that I captured but I can confirm that no GC is hardcoded in the VAC. We also configured one of the problematic mailboxes in Outlook on the ev server which was working fine but I am waiting for a confirmation if we are able to open the mailbox without any credential prompt. 

What we did in addition:

-Worked around the loadbalancer and communicating directly with one of the cas servers

-Removed / set MapiHttpDisabled dword value (


StepMonty, I believe you do not see the connection tab as you are using Mapi over HTTP (HTTP shown in Outlook connect information) instead of RPC over HTTP.




PMCS GmbH & Co. KG - A Serviceware Company

OK so this tool is going directly to the user mailbox that you put into the tools caommand and it is trying to open it under the Vault Service Account credentials. It is clearly having a MAPI communication problem for some reason. MAPI is a bit of a black box, well actually a lot of a black box so the ultimate test really outside of EV and the tool is to have your system in a position where you can open the user mailbox in outlook on the EV server without any problems or credential requests.

So if you logon to the EV server as the VSA and create an outlook profile and then add your user as an additional mailbox does that work fine?

The functions of the archiving task would work slightly different as that connects to user mailboxes in exchange through the system mailbox and so that clearly works but going directly to a user mailbox does not seem to be.


Enterprise Vault Senior Principal Engineer APJ

I can't open my mailbox as an Additional Mailbox to the Service Account mailbox on the EV server?  However, it has an 'auto mapping' to the Exchange 2016 system mailbox that the Archive Task uses for Archiving Exchange 2016 - this mailbox opens fine?  I can also create an Outlook profile for this mailbox and it opens fine, so connection to Exchange 2016 seems OK.   I'm not sure what the difference between this mailbox and my mailbox would be - The Exchange 2016 Archive Task system mailbox was created in Exchange 2016, whereas mine was migrated from Exchange 2010?  Not sure how that would make a difference though?

More info... I just went into my mailbox via the Exchange Admin Centre and granted the Service Account 'Full Control' on my mailbox.  I can now create a profile on the EV server.  So there appears to be a missing permission somewhere?

OK so now you have done that if you run the serverfoldermanager.exe tool against your mailbox does it work fine without returning the MAPI error?

Enterprise Vault Senior Principal Engineer APJ

I just granted the Service account full mailbox access on the problem mailbox, then ran the SearchFolderManager.exe tool and it ran fine.

When I run a get-mailboxpermission agains a 2010 mailbox and a 2016 mailbox, they look identical?  When I add the service account with full access, it then appears twice:

Exchange 2010 Mailbox;

{FullAccess, DeleteItem, ReadPermission, ChangePermission, ChangeOwner}

Exchange 2016 Mailbox - was the same as the above prior to granting full mailbox access;

{FullAccess, DeleteItem, ReadPermission, ChangePermission, ChangeOwner}

Not sure if this helps any?