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SearchFolderManager fails on every mailbox after upgrade

Level 5

SearchFolderManager always worked without any issues on our server. Now we upgraded Enterprise Vault from 12.0 to 12.2 and Outlook from 2013 to 2016 (since we are running Exchange 2016 with Mapi over HTTP). 

Enterprise Vault itself is working perfectly fine, but SearchFolderManager does not work anymore. It fails on EVERY mailbox with either error 80040111 or 80040005.

Is SearchFolderManager compatible with Outlook 2016 all? Or do we have to install a standalone console on another computer with Outlook 2013 and run it from there?


Level 5

It looks as though there could be a regression here due to changes in the product that were needed for Outlook 2016 support. We (CFT) are going to investigate and fix, but it would be worth you creating a support case so they can link customer to issue.

Thanks, opened case #22281470.

Or you can try the reg keys like I did.

All problems are now gone.


Level 6
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is it possible to tell us

which  reg key you add?

thanks Ronen