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Server Settings Migration Wizard: password error

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Hi there,

I've been trying the Server Settings Migration Wizard in Version and in version The export of data works fine, the import creates an error. The export was done on a clustered system EV9.0.1. The import is a non-clustered EV9.0.3. The language of both operating systems (source and target) are German, where the language settings between the two servers are identical. Renaming the local Administratoren group to Administrators did NOT work.

Please enter a valid password.

The password is okay. The dtrace reads as the following.

226         16:23:42.107      [4736]  (ServerMigration)           <472>   EV:M     [EVSM] VSAAccount.RunningAsVSA current logon user: %domain%\service_ev
227         16:23:42.107      [4736]  (ServerMigration)           <472>   EV:L       [EVSM] EVServerImport.RunningAsVSA It is running as VSA.
228         16:23:44.150      [4736]  (ServerMigration)           <5920> EV:L       [EVSM] EVServerImport.CheckVSACredentials Check VSA credentials starts...
229         16:23:44.259      [4736]  (ServerMigration)           <5920> EV:M     [EVSM] VSAAccount.AddVsaAccountToAdminGroup Administrators group name is VORDEFINIERT\Administratoren|
230         16:23:44.259      [4736]  (ServerMigration)           <5920> EV:H      [EVSM] VSAAccount.AddVsaAccountToAdminGroup Exception occurred: Der Gruppenname konnte nicht gefunden werden.|
231         16:23:44.259      [4736]  (ServerMigration)           <5920> EV:H      [EVSM] EVServerMigrate.ConfigureVsaAccount throwing Exception: Unbekannter Fehler
232         16:23:44.259      [4736]  (ServerMigration)           <5920> EV:M     [EVSM] VSAAccount.RunningAsVSA current logon user: %domain%service_ev
233         16:23:44.259      [4736]  (ServerMigration)           <5920> EV:L       [EVSM] EVServerImport.CheckVSACredentials Check VSA credentials failed

I don't really understand, why the tool verifies the VSA password (that's the given error), but actually verifies a local group membership, which is checked by the deployment scanner for the unconfigured EV installation in the first place.

Any help is appreciated. - I

Regards, Jochen.


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Is the EV service account added to the local admin group ?

Level 6

Is there anything specific about the password that you can share?  For example does it contain any special characters?