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SharePoint problem opening archived documents

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Hello everybody,

I'm running EV 9.0 SP2, archiving MOSS 2007 SP2. The documents get archived fine, but opening them is a problem.

When I try all kinds of different users, with explicit permissions to the archived file, including the most powerful Farm Admin user, I get the error message:


Error Opening Document

The Enterprise Vault Server is unavailable or access is denied.

The only user that allows me to access the archived file is the EV account.

There is nothing the Dtrace or IIS logs that I could find, only when enabling the EV logging in web.config I see the following error when EV fails to open files:

File content: EVSTUB

Requested document is a shortcut

Fetching item content from vault

** Error: msgSym = VaultUnavailable

** Error: msg = Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040303

** Error: exCode = -2147220733

Prerequest handler finished

I double checked all the prerequisites and name resolution of aliases, and I can't think of anything else.


Anyone has any ideas?




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did you double check the permissions on your sharepoint archives in the vault console?

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Is the Vault Service Account the account that is archiving your shareopint targets?

From the Vault Admin Console:

Select the Sharepoint Archiving Task=> Select properties=> Select the Log On tab.

"1. The SharePoint archiving task runs on the EV Server

2. In the VAC you can set the SharePoint archiving task “Log On” account.
This is the relevant Help info:

The SharePoint archiving task always runs as the Vault Service account. On this
tab you can specify a different account for the SharePoint archiving task to
use when communicating with SharePoint.

The account that you specify on this tab must have full access permissions to
content in the target SharePoint sites.

To archive from SharePoint 3.0 sites, the account must have site collection
administrator permissions on the target SharePoint site collections.

Use the Vault Service Account. Select this to use the Vault Service Account to
communicate with SharePoint.

Use this account. If you do not want the SharePoint archiving task to use the
the Vault Service Account to communicate with SharePoint, select Use this
account and then click Browse to select a different account. Enter the
account's password and confirm it.

3. The EV Admin service runs on the SharePoint server

4. When you run the EV SharePoint configuration on the SharePoint server
you must give the Vault Service Account details.
The wizard says:
You must enter details of the Vault Service Account that your Enterprise Vault
services will use to log on.

It is not valid to specify an account other than the VSA when you run the EV
SharePoint configuration on the SharePoint server.

So you can specify that the SharePoint archiving task uses an account other
than VSA to communicate with SharePoint. But this does not affect the account
that either the task, or the Vault Services, run as, which continues to be the
VSA." A. Chaplin




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Thanks guys so much for answering :)

Regarding the Sharepoint archive permissions, they are all empty.

Which brings me to my next question - how and when does EV synchronize permissions with MOSS and where can I see them? I looked everywhere I could think of, and didn't find any information about this mechanism (like we have in Exchange and FS archiving). 

Any input on this will be highly appreciated! 

Regarding the accounts configuration - everything is configured to run with VSA: the MOSS archiving task and the Admin services on MOSS servers. The VSA account has all the required permissions for this web application (and actually is the ONLY user we were able to open archived files with), so I don't think there's a problem there...

Please advise :)



I am facing the same problem. Sharepoint and EV and I am unable to access the files that are archived, Only one Account i.e. Farm Admin can access the files, no other account.

Were we able to drill down to the issue and fix this problem ?