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Sharepoint archiving for wss 3.0 in EV 10.0.1

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Depends on the policy setting

Depends on the policy setting ..  like FSA you can choose to Archive them or Ignore them.


I'll try to grab a screenshot, as I set this up just the other day...

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ok,i can understand we can

ok,i can understand we can have option in the policy that we can ignore or archvie the explicit permission files.

but how it work's,like is it overwriting the permissions to the explicit files with the folder permissions?

Hi does anybody know how it


does anybody know how it works with explict file permission


When  you archive a

When  you archive a SharePoint item, it will get the permissions of the folder.  So if a document is present in a folder with different permissions they'll be replaced by the folder level permissions after archiving.

You can choose what happens by policy...

Ignore them - the items with explicity permissions won't be archived at all

Archive them with folder permissions - exactly what it says.


Hope that helps.

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Customer needs to clarify

Customer needs to clarify queries raised prior to run the archiving on Production SharePoint server.


Before that let me brief you with the setup details.


EV Server – Windows 2008 x64 R2 standard Edition

EV Sql Server -  Windows 2008 x64 R2 standard Edition , Sql 2008 x64

EV Product version – 10.0.1

Production SharePoint Server – 2 front end servers with 2 Sql server’s

Production Sql server- windows 2008 with MS cluster, Sql 2008 x64


Please find the below queries from the customer.


  1. can we avoid the Archival of the document if the “A document library that has the check-out requirement enabled” or “A document library that has content approval enabled” in SharePoint site. If this both options are enabled in the SharePoint site then document get archives but not get removed from Source and shortcut will not get created. Ultimately all  the document which are qualifying as per the Archival policy are getting archived but not get removed from the source. Hence creating a duplicate(additional)copy of the document in the archival which is not acceptable to the Customer.
  2. whether there is any provision/procedure to add the webpart of Archive Search and Archive Explorer to the all sites, as we have to perform the procedure mentioned in the Admin guide to the each individual site and there are around 4000+ sites in the production SharePoint which is not practically feasible to the Customer.
  3. if SQL database in a full recovery mode in SharePoint SQL server, During the Data Archival activity there was a considerable increase in the log files in SharePoint server SQL Databases resulting in space crunch. What recovery model is required to set on SQL database, what is the best practice, is this the normal behavior of the SharePoint Archiving?
  4. We would need to have some automation in adding sites as targets. Adding site collections manually one site at a time is definitely not the right way to go about this archival since we have more than 2500 sites in one SharePoint setup(troom) alone and we might be adding other SharePoint setup (troom-x) sites for archival which will double the number of site collections which would be around 5000. Also daily we have 10-15 sites getting created we won’t be able to complete one cycle of the archival policy. Scheduling this to be a repetitive task  looks a distinct possibility. If Auto-enableSiteCollections option set then this might cause performance issue since we have more than 2000 sites
  5. Also as part of our (customer)policy we have to restore sites in case the sites are accidentally deleted.  Can you please let me how the archived data will be synced to the SharePoint site once the site is restored from the SQL database.

Thanks in Advance


I'd strongly suggest contact

I'd strongly suggest contact SYMC account / product management to discuss these questions.

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Aprat from that do anybody

Aprat from that do anybody have any suggestions

Hi rob, as you have informed

Hi rob,

as you have informed that the file with explicit permission will inherit the permissions from the folder when it get archive.

but when i archived the explicit permission file it get archived and the permissions are not get modified it archvies with the explicit permissions.

is anything wronge happened in my case?

thanks in advance


Was the item turned in to a

Was the item turned in to a shortcut?  Or is it still the 'fat' item?  I've not got SharePoint available at the moment, so can't test myself.

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yes,turned in to a shortcut.

yes,turned in to a shortcut.

Sorry, don't have any other

Sorry, don't have any other suggestion then at the moment (other than to contact Account Management and/or Support).  I was quoting from the help (in the Policy Settings) and did, but now don't, have SharePoint available to verify myself.

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Dear Rob, please check

Dear Rob,

please check attached screen shot of help topics in EV 10.

Okay so what this is saying

Okay so what this is saying is that if an item exists in a folder, and the item has SPECIFIC permissions.  The copy IN THE ARCHIVE, will get the folder level permissions (since in EV permissions are ONLY at the folder level).  The shortcut will have the explicit permissions, meaning that will only work for the people who have access..  However if the end-user has access to the folder, and they do a search, or use Archive Explorer they will be able to access the archived item, even though it had explicit permissions preventing that.


Does that help?

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Thanks rob  

Thanks rob


i got your explanation of the

i got your explanation of the explict file permission,however can you just explain the answers of my queries which i have asked eariler.



Sorry, I don't know the

Sorry, I don't know the answers to those questions, I'd suggest either :-


a/ A new forum post.

b/ Contacting AM/PM  (Account Manager, Product Manager)



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