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ShortCut Processing Error in 9.0 SP1

Level 5


we are running EV 9.0 SP1 with Exchange 2007 SP3.

Recently I upgraded from 9.0.0 to 9.0.1. Nothing else changed and everything worked fine before this. But now the shortcut processing produces a lot of errors:

Eventid 6578:
Abnormal error occurred
Object: CRetentionCategoryCache
Reference: LE/RE

Eventid 6578:
Abnormal error occurred
Object: CRetentionCategoryCache
Reference: RE(1)/fe

Eventid 2270:
A queued operation exceeded the retry count and has been discarded
m_pIBackgroundArchivingAgent->ProcessMovedItemsInFolder2(ExchangeMailboxDn = "/o=ardenne-at/ou=Erste administrative Gruppe/cn=Recipients/cn=OFFICE",
ArchiveID = "1266E621CC231C34B9318C4CEFC9CB4381110000EVSite.2a-net.intern",
ArchiveFolderID = "1F6E0CE30F4A03D419D01C4BA3091E8C11110000EVSite.2a-net.intern",
FolderRetCat = "",
SourceFolderID = "ID",
FolderPathName = "�Posteingang�Ablage�01_Organisation�Strategie",
CompressedItemRequestXML = "some XML",
EVPMFolder = "FALSE")
HRESULT: 0x80004005

I testet this by a manual run of the archive task against one mailbox with shortcut processing only. Pure Archiving works ok and I disabled shortcut processing now. I can see that the A6-Queue is full with all folders the mailbox contains, even if there are definitivly never moved any shortcuts.

I opened a case but did not recieve any answer from symantec yet. Anyone seen this effect too?




Level 6

We're actively working on this and have a fix designed for an instance where the top of information store appears to us to have been moved when it hasn't actually been moved at all.

Please keep providing information as we would like to make sure that this is definitely the root cause of all the issues that are being seen and not just one part of it. Thanks to all who have responded so far

Level 3

Thanks, my A6 Queue shrunk after disabling shortcut processing, but that is a feature that we actually need.  Especially with our 3rd party integration with our DMS.  I hope we can get a solution soon.

Level 3

We're experiencing this issue as well:  case # 413-555-358

EV 9.01 for Exchange 2007 SP2

Basically, Outlook takes forever to load after an archiving run if we have moved-items processing turned on.  Once we turn it off, post-archiving downloads from Exchange function as normal.  The length of load time is directly proportional to the number of emails within the folder.  

Level 5

We are also experiencing the issue.

EV9.0.1 on a windows 2003 STD SP2 - Exchange 2003 SP2

Updated from ev 8.0 SP3


Case: 413-708-873

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Please provide an eta on the fix. We're upgrading 7 sites. This needs to be resolved.

Upgraded from EV80SP4 on W2008R2 standard to EV90SP1

Exchange 2007SP2, SQL2005SP3

Regards. Gertjan

Level 2

We have the same problem since updating from 8.0.3 to 9.0.1. Our Environment: Exchange 2003 SP2, Windows 2003. SP2. Case ID 413-653-943.

Level 6

The only ETA I can give right now is as soon as possible. We ran through a first pass of testing and found another problem so the fix is being reworked.

Level 4

Anybody with this issue may want to subscribe to the below technote if you havn't already.

Level 5

Hi all,

I have got a message from sym support with this link to a hotfix for this and other issues:

I installed the hotfix and at first look the moved items feature is working now. I will let run an archiving with shortcut processing enabled this night and monitor the a6.

Level 4

We too applied the hotfix and were excited to see that finally our exchange servers were not taking the hit that they were taking prior to the hotfix.  However, we have errors that we never had prior to the upgrade that caused all these problems.  We still continue to get the 6578 error and the 2270 error when the archive task is run.  We ran the SQL script to which is in the HOTFIX and it shows us that 1461 mailboxes are affected.  This number does not go down after each archive task.  The 2270 error refers to FolderPathName = Deleted Items which in our exchange environment is a managed folder.  We currently have Archive Deleted Items set to ON and the Archive Exchange Managed Folders set to OFF which is how it was prior to the upgrade.  Which one takes precedence?  We feel that since the upgrade we need to change both of these settings to OFF.  If not the hotfix, then what is going to get rid of these errors that we have been getting since the upgrade???  Any help is appreciated.

Level 3

I have opened a case but have not heard back.  all my user complain when outlook opens of long process and repeated 10gb update when outlook opens after my upgrade to v9.01