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Level 2
Hi folks,
I'm trying to configure a test mailbox with archived Exchange 2007 mails that have different Shortcut Content configuration (in Exchange Mailbox Policy).
This is to get approval for the shortcut format before commencing with archiving - as I'm aware policy changes will not apply to mails that are already archived.
So far, I've been doing the following:

- Set the Shortcut Content in Exchange Mailbox Policy (different settings each time)
- Set the Archiving Rules
- Set the relevant Vault Store partition as Open
- Let the Archiving Task run in report mode (to update hidden message)
- Let the Provisioning Task run
- Let the Mailbox Sync Task run
- Archive the Mail Item (run the Archiving Task in Archiving and Shortcut Processing mode)
- Simulate backup of the Vault Store (using attrib -a "<VaultStoreLocation\*.*" /s)
- Restart the Enterprise Vault Storage Service

This worked for a while, and I had archived mails with a range of different Shortcut Content settings in Outlook (some customised using ShortCutText.txt and some using standard shortcut body, some Including Recipient Information etc.).
However, now all Outlook Shortcuts seem to have reverted back to a standard Outlook form - including all recipient information, message body contents, attachements etc.
Have tried with a different Outlook MAPI profile (same mail account), different machine etc., rearchiving items, but same thing.
Occasionally in Outlook I now get a "Outlook was unable to resolve the conflict between a recently installed program and Microsoft Office..." error.
Any idea on how to resolve?
Thanks in advance.
Any ideas on how to resolve


Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
Probably the Outlook add-in seems to have a problem. Could you try re-installing it?

cloudficient - EV Migration, creators of EVComplete.

Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
There is no need to reinstall as a first port of call.

I would recomend you use ResetEVClient.exe

It should be located in C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault\EVClient\.

Just run that and it will re register the dll's and clean up your forums cache, ect, ect.

Level 2
Many thanks both for your feedback.
Tried ResetEVClientl.exe, repair of Outlook Add-Ins, reinstall of Outlook Add-Ins - with no joy.
In the absence of another test machine on the network, I set up a remote Outlook Anywhere connection from my machine.  The forms downloaded to the Personal Forms library, and the varying ShortCut Content format of each test mail (including customized via ShortCutText.txt) was restored!
I tried deleting the Personal Forms from the Forms Manager and clearing forms cache on the problem test machine, but no joy there.
Any ideas on why the forms (presumably the Archived Item form) are not behaving on this machine?
Thanks again in advance.