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Shortcut Deletion Issue

Dear All,

We are using Exchange 2013 and EV-11.0.1

Since last few days we are not able to delete shortcuts from few users mailbox.

When we are analysed the report we found that these users mailbox archiving reports shows lot of number of moved shortcuts.

We done following changes in the mailbox policy and post that change shortcut deletion works.

However need to know the root cause and other impact.

Exchange mailbox policy-Existing items-

Uncheck both the following options.

 update archive location for items moved in the mailbox

 update retention category after items are moved or after the folder retention category is changed.





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Re: Shortcut Deletion Issue

What do you mean by " we are not able to delete shortcuts" ? do you get an error message?

What option do you use for shortcut deletion? (shortcut,both,let user decide)