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Shortcut deletion not working

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Hi, We are facing issue with shortcut deletion for most of the mailboxes in our exchange environment. There is no issue with the daily archive task but it seems that the shortcut deletion constantly showing 0 result despite we have defined the settings to remove shortcuts older that 12 months/1 year. Technically, if most of the mailboxes always has items getting archive on a daily basis, shortcut deletion should be happening as well for those accounts that been with us for more than a year. I have attached 1 affected user mailbox screenshot which still showing email shortcuts back in 2017/2016 in his/her mailbox on outlook. Tried running shortcut process job manually also return with 0 results. Checking if anyone has any idea what could be the issue? Our current EV is running on

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Shortcut deletion by default is based on the date an item was archived, and not on the sent/received date.
Would you still think the shortcut should get deleted then?

"Delete shortcuts that exceed the specified age. Enterprise Vault uses the modified date or archived date to determine the age of a shortcut. You can specify which date to use on the Storage Expiry tab of Site Properties."


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