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Shortcut saveset deleted

Level 3

We are currently experiencing a major issue in our environment.

We had an issue with the replication with the collation drive and the mails were queued up on the drive which filled the disk space.

In order to avoid the disk space, issue unknowingly moved some of the DSV files to different drive and latest restarted the system which fixed the issue

Now when the users are trying to retrieve the attachment its says items not found and the in the events error marked as saveset not found.


We have the files with us, is there any way it can be linked to the existing shortcuts.


Any help on this is much appreciated


Level 6

All you have to do to restore the functionality is put the DVS files back where they were. I hope that when you moved them you preserved the folder structure...

If you need to move EV's partition data to free up space in the future, use the procedure in this article to relocate an entire partition properly.



We have already copied back but users are still experiencing the problem. I think the SQL is already marked it as deleted items. Any other thoughts ?

EV does not mark items as deleted in SQL simply on account of their DVS files going missing. There must be something else at play here.

When a user attempts to retrieve a shortcut and the EV server fails to retrieve the item, it usually logs an Event with some more details. If that is not enough information to figure out what's wrong, then you should probably open a case so one of our support folks can get on the system with you and track down the problem.



Whenever users are try to open the mails or attachment its gives an error saying save set does not exit

The specified Saveset does not exist. (0xc0041aac)

I have worked with Veritas and they have informed that no functionality that would enable us to place the data back into the collections area and re-run even with the EVSVR Utility as Storage File Watch removes the data on scan.

I still feel that there should be some option to restore the data back.


Any other thoughts ?



It is becoming clear that you are talking about Centera storage with collections enabled. My original replies were under the assumption you were talking about NTFS storage, since it wasn't specified. (In retrospect, your reference to losing a "collation drive" now makes a lot more sense.)

This makes a lot more sense now. The items do not exist in SQL, as they went missing from the Collections Folder, and EV rolled back the archiving process by deleting their records from SQL. It should also have reverted the pending items (safety copies) on the target server to their original state, unless you have safety copies turned off, which you shouldn't in production—this situation is basically an advertisement for why the safety copies feature exists.

I don't think you can do much with these DVS files at this point. EVSVR can read DVS files from an NTFS partition back into the database, but I don't know that it can do so for a Centera partition. If Support has told you it can't be done, well then that might just be the case.

I would look into using "Delete orphaned shortcuts" in the Exchange Mailbox Policy to clean up the shortcuts in the user mailboxes.




Do we have any tools to convert DVS files to PST files?