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Site Redesign/Upgrade

I have been tasked with redesigning a fairly large site and would like to ask for the two cents of anyone willing to provide it. 

The site has 3 Exchange 2k3 servers running on Win2k3 SP2 32-bit platforms, all boxes are physical

2 Quad Core Xeon CPU 2.66GHz

2.66 GHz,  GB RAM

Exch1 has 3966 mboxes

Exch2 has 3123 mboxes

Exch3 has 1953 mboxes 

Total of 9042 mboxes

In the site there are two Enterprise Vault servers, both currently run on v2007 with and EMC Centera storage backend.

1 Quad Core Xeon CPU 3.2GHz

3.19 GHz, 3.78 GB RAM 

EV1 services Exch1 & Remote Site (500 mboxes)

EV2 services Exch2 & Exch3

We only utilize the Exchange Archiving piece and are looking to upgrade to Enterprise Vault v9.0.1 on top of Win2k8 R2 (WOW64) inside of a Virtualized environment (ESX 4.0).

I am wondering if this design can be optimized in any way, since we are already planning to upgrade and migrate data this would probably be the best time to redesign for better performance.  I was thinking of provisioning a EV server for each Exch server Any Ideas???

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a few things

What is the projected growth?

Is journaling or other data sources on the table in the future?

a few things

I'm fairly new to the environment, however my best guess would be an aditional 1-2k users in the next 2-5 years pushing the total to appx 11-12,000 mboxes.  Other features are a possibility once the environment is more efficient, I'm trying to improve the image of enterprise vault in the eye of the customer.  So in the next 12 - 18 months I would say no other pieces will be adopted into the environment.



Other EV data sources are not on the table at the moment, however I would like to design with future support in mind.