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Sizing SQL for EV8

Hi there,

is there anywhere an updated "Performance Guide". The most recent one I have found for Enterprise Vault 8 is Last updated: December 19, 2008? I specifically like the sentence in the Chapter about Fingerprint database: An update to this guide will describe how to tune the fingerprint database for scalability. :-)

I need to "design" a new 5000 user installation... and the db size over 5-7 years is nothing I can get a grip on really.

Does anyone have some experiences with EV8 and SQL in production environments already?

Looking forward hearing from you guys,
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Hi Jochen, December 19, 2008

Hi Jochen,

December 19, 2008 Preformance Guide is the latest on I have seen.  I would suggest using the chapter on FPDB in the v8 guide, and use best prcactice from 2007 for the rest.  You should be fine with that.