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Some large email items stuck in EV Journal mailbox

Level 6

Hi All,

How can I ensure that the items that are stuck in the EV Journal mailbox can be successfully archived ?

Name                                ItemsInFolder Folder Size (MB) OldestItemReceivedDate NewestItemReceivedDate
----                                ------------- ---------------- ---------------------- ----------------------
Top of Information Store                        1                0                                              
Calendar                                        5                0                                              
Contacts                                        0                0                                              
Deleted Items                                 146                1 7/12/2009 1:35:06 AM   20/04/2010 3:03:45 AM 
Drafts                                          0                0                                              
Enterprise Vault Journaling Service             0                0                                              
Above maximum size                            413            25177 6/05/2009 1:40:46 AM   23/06/2014 12:56:56 AM
Failed DL Expansion                           748               55 21/10/2008 12:01:24 AM 1/04/2014 12:56:55 AM 
Failed to copy                                 55               10 11/03/2009 5:21:46 AM  17/04/2014 6:17:19 AM 
Failed to store                            101737            11115 22/09/2009 12:28:19 AM 6/12/2013 3:24:19 AM  
Invalid Journal Report                         23               17 9/06/2010 6:30:18 AM   23/10/2013 5:17:01 AM 
Inbox                                         103               10 19/03/2009 11:19:48 PM 23/06/2014 1:10:09 AM 
Journal                                         0                0                                              
Junk E-mail                                     0                0                                              
Notes                                           0                0                                              
Outbox                                          0                0                                              
RSS Feeds                                       0                0                                              
Sent Items                                      0                0                                              
Tasks                                           0                0                                              


Can somone here please share the step by steps guide ?



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first thing i always try is drag them back to the inbox and let EV process one more time. i cant give you a step by step guide because you have so many different situations going on but that's a starting place and with so many "failed to store" items, it could end up taking care of the bulk of them for you. 

Level 6

ok, by the looks of the item, it seems that the email attachment is way to big to be archived into EV.

The email attachment was 200 MB, the Exchange / EV limit was 20 MB.

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John, what you need is a plan b :)

Current setup:

Journal mailbox A, journal archiving task A, journal archive A

Plan B: journal mailbox B, Journal Archiving task B, journal archive (A or B)

Reconfigure Exchange to use the Journal Mailbox B. This will allow EV to work on the items in Journal Mailbox A (where you will need to drag all items back into the inbox btw.). As soon as Journal Mailbox A is back to 0, you can re-reconfigure Exchange to use Journal Mailbox A again.

You can select to use a new Journal Archive, or not. I use DA extensively, and use 1 Journal Archive, but that is your choice.

Set journal task B to 'stop/disable'. If you then need it again, you can simply set it to automatic/start, and off you go.

Regards. Gertjan