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Some question regarding add new index drive for EV email archive

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Since our Email archiving server index almost full (D drive). we already prepare a new drive (E drive) for new index drive.


If we add new index drive (E drive), is it possible to keep those index drive to open status? or need to close the old one?


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you should be able to use the "old" index locations. Just make sure to follow the steps mentioned in the following article for "Move an entire root path to a new folder location on the same server"

How to move the Index location to a different location on the same server 


Dont forget to set  IVSyncNeeded = 2 when you are done as forgetting this could create some pain.





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Its been a while but you should be able to close the existing volumes and and the new index volume locations to the index volume and have it seamlessly serve the index to index consumers. This assumes you do not need to deprecate or reclaim the original IV space and you just are seeking to have a new home to add new content to the index. 

So more specific to my understanding of your question, you would close the original Index Volume Locations (IVL) on for your Index Volume (IV) to ensure new indices are not created in these locations. Your open IVLs would be only on you new storage location, to signify all newly created indices should be created there. This should be seamless to consumers and the product.

Also worth noting, although all new indices would be created in the new location IVLs, new index entries may still be created in the original IVL until the indices meet their roll over criteria. At least this is the way it used to work I think .

All of this is somewhat dated and dusty information from the archive in my mind.... so I hope it is still accurate and helpful to you.

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From experience.

You write the D-drive is close to full, so you want to prevent those indexes to be enlarged. When you add a new disk, you need to CLOSE the D-disk locations. 

If you run EV 12 (maybe even 10, not sure anymore)  or higher, there will no new data be added if the locations are closed. Keep in mind you need approximately 10% free space to allow Storage Expiry to run properly. 

How to proceed (I assume you already have.) 

Add new disk. Create new locations. Create those new locations as Open. Close the locations on the D-drive.


Regards. Gertjan