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Storage Queue location with EV12 Building Blocks

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Hi all

Can someone please clarify whether the SQ location needs to be the same path on each EV server pointing to the same volume or if the path needs to be unique for each EV server but using a shared volume?

for example - if I have a shared volume mapped as G:\ on each of my EV servers in a BB configuration, should the path be G:\Storage Queue\ on ALL the EV servers so they share the SQ location OR should they be unique but just on the same shared volume eg G:\EVServer01\Storage Queue\  ; G:\EVServer02\Storage Queue\  ; G:\EVServer03\Storage Queue\  so that each server has it's own SQ location but would be accessible by the other EV servers in the event of a failover.

The admin guide says:

"The Enterprise Vault Storage queue location must be on a file system that is shared with the associated building blocks servers."   

but it's not clear if it's just the file system that needs to be shared or the actual folder used by the SQ needs to be the same across the EV servers

thanks in advance   C


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It is confusing, and I have not configured my EV to use shared disks..

I use VM's, with SRM, which proved to function well last time we did a DR Excercise. Anyway. In the environments I've been in, I used to have a 1 on 1 relationship. 1 live, 1 DR. doing a DR was basically switching aliasses, USL, continue. Both had the SQ location defined the same.

There was an issue (which I ran into years ago, see here ,but that has been resolved)

As far as I understand the BB config for the storagequeue, it should be shared by the servers. If you have that 1 on 1, you might want to do G:\SQ1 between 2 servers, G:\SQ2 between the next 2 etc. But, according to the documentation a G:\SQ shared between servers *should* work. I never tested this, it might be best to verify with support.

Regards. Gertjan