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Suggestions for setting retention category

Level 5
I've been working with our legal department to find a solution to allow users to select different retention categories for messages. Unfortunately, the pop-up that appears when a message is manually archived does not appear for clients using RPC over HTTP which is heavily used in our environment.

One thing that I had considered was creating a folder in Outlook where users could place items that need a specified retention category, but I can't find anything in the custom filters that would allow this to work.

Does anyone have any suggestions or methods for allowing users to select a retention category?

We are running EV 7.0 SP1.


Level 6
Use EVPM (Policy Manager) to create a series of folders in your users mailboxes. Apply a retention category to each folder that meets your needs. For example, create a 7 year retention policy and apply it to a folder called 7 years .

Level 6
So the only drawback to the evpm solution is that your administrators never see the differning policies in the if you get hit by a bus, someone has to know to check the evpm scripts in order to understand what's going on in a mailbox at the folder level. The other bad caveat is that it's not automatic...everytime you add a new user, you have to re-run the script to populate either the folders and/or apply policies. Not a dealbreaker, just an administrative headache.

Are you absolutely sure that a provisioning group won't be enough for you? It's a little more general, but at least it's automatic, granular to a user/group/ldap query, and can be very easily identified from the VAC.


Level 5
Thanks for the suggestions. I think the EVPM solution would do what we need. As Micah called out, it would need to be run regularly as new mailboxes are added and would need to be very well documented. I think that it could be setup as a scheduled task to run nightly to modify any mailboxes that had been enabled that day.

What legal really wants to do is to set a pretty low default retention, but then give all users the ability to flag specific messages for a longer retention period. I don't think there is any way to do this with provisioning groups.

If only users on RPC over HTTP received the pop-up prompt, this wouldn't even be an issue.