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Support for SQL 2012 AlwaysOn availability groups

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Hi All


The EV 12 documentation says the informataion below , does this mean  SQL AlwaysOn is fully supported on EV 12?


Support for SQL 2012 AlwaysOn availability groups, and failover cluster instances

SQL Server 2012 introduced two new high availability and disaster recovery features. AlwaysOn provides availability at the application database level or instance level through AlwaysOn availability groups and failover cluster instances. Enterprise Vault, Discovery Accelerator, and Compliance Accelerator now support availability groups and failover cluster instances.



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In version 12, Enterprise Vault, Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator and Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator now support AlwaysOn Availability groups and Failover Cluster Instances. Use of supplementary characters in the range U+10000 to U+10FFFF is not supported. SQL Server 2012 SP2 CU3,CU4, and 2014 CU5 are not supported. If you already have these versions of SQL Server installed, see KB3034679.

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bruce, yes!!! pretty awesome isn't it? :)

p.s. there's a script you have to run to prep EV for AlwaysOn support and it's included with EV12 so just brush up on the docs for a few minutes before you do it.

When you say a script to prep EV12 for SQL AG's do you mean the powershell script

Get-EVDatabaseDetail | Set-EVDatabaseDetail -ServerName 'evaglistener'

Or is there something else I am missing ?