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Symantec Enterprise Vault 10: Enterprise Vault is not availabale because of your outlook configuration.

Good afternoon,

Outlook clients currently do not show the enterprise vault add-in. I believe this is due to RPC over HTTP as it works when I create an outlook profile manually (not using auto discover). I saw a previous post on this ( but it did not have a resolution. I would prefer not to have to recreate everyone’s profile, but reinstalling the add-in would be an option.

Has anyone made any progress on this issue? The PCs are all onsite and part of the domain.

Thank you,


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Have you seen this technote:

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Specifically this is on

Specifically this is on Outlook 2007.

Accepted Solution!

Have you seen this technote:

Yep. I did this, and replace

Yep. I did this, and replace the company with my companys external proxy. Still get the message. And again, the PC is not using RPC, its on-site, not remote. I ran the Mailbox archiveing task and even rebooted.

Can you grab a client

Can you grab a client trace?


Also remember that just because it's inside the company network, doesn't mean that the Outlook profile doesn't have RPC/HTTP configured in it somewhere.  The Outlook Addin has no way of finding out from Outlook *how* the connection is at any one time other than whether it's there or not, it doesn't know whether the connection is RPC or HTTP, and therefore if RPC/HTTP is in the profile (there is one check box that we check) then we have to assume the "worst".


What is your policy set to with regards to RPC/HTTP restrictions in the VAC?

Working for

Fwiw part of the auto

Fwiw part of the auto discover in outlook 2007 and 2010 is to check the link speed to the exchange server, if it determines there's a slow connection it will set Outlook Anywhere to be enabled If you uncheck outlook anywhere, the clien will most likely show and this error will go away, but at some point the functionality could become enabled again The technote you followed was actually a really terrible technote, you shouldn't be filling out a proxy URL if you don't have I e genuinely configured, you just need to set the restrictions to be None so that the client will load regardless of the outlook anywhere/rpc settings Just remember that regardless of whether you as a company use rpc over http or outlook anywhere, doesn't stop outlook and exchange from setting