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Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.03ver. and Microsoft Exchange 2007 RPC Over HTTP

Level 5

It is interested for me that, if someone have configured already  ISA Server 2006 for Exchange Server 2007 RPC over HTTP access to Enterprise Vault 8.03 ?

If anyone have some experience to configure it .. ?

... And if someone does, have the right solution (Some Knowledge Bases or Documents) that will be work without problems.
Your suggestions will be so helpfull to me.......

Thanks in advance,


Level 4
Hi Bagrationi,

We have the following tech note regarding Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP) and ISA 2006

Kind regards

Level 5
I know about this tech note,... but Enterprise Vault publishing in ISA Firewall 2006 is not simple.

By default on SEV automatically configured the TCP port 80 and its web application work through HTTP protocol.

Exchange 2007 CAS server role - Web application, RPC over HTTP and etc,... work through HTTPS.

If i change HTTP to HTTPS SSL Port 443 in EVault the already archived items will no longer work.  

Per Example, In my test environment i changed this one >>> HTTP 80 Port to HTTPS SSL 443 Port and now i cannot open the original archived items from shortcuts.

.....The following message appear in above field: There was an error loading this item, some functionality may not be available.  
 ....And a error window appear already: Failed while loading the SSL libraries.

So, i really need your advices about this action,...