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Synchronize EV Virtual Vault Fails After Outlook 2013

Level 6


I was really hoping if someone would be able to help me resolve this issue.

A user's desktop was upgraded to Office 2013 and since moving to Outlook 2013 his Virtual Vault has disappeared.

I've tried all of the usual, uninstall re-install the EV plug-in. Synchronize mailbox under archive task. Recreate Outlook profile on client.

But every time I try to Synchronize the virtual vault it tells me it has failed.

What's the best way to diagnose this sort of thing? I attempted putting trace on the client but am having a hard time making sense of it.



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what version of EV and the EV addin? what version of desktop OS? have you tried creating a new profile?

Level 6

EV version 10, Plug-in version of EV 10.0.4, the desktop is windows 7.

I will try recreating the profile. There were a lot of garbage profiles which I have gotten rid of.

The weird thing I noticed is that I am unable to see any archived mail when browsing archives.

The user defintely has shortcuts for archived mail.