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The archived item is currently unavailable.

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Hi everyone,


We have a problem about Enterprise Vault. Our enviroment Exchange 2010 2 CAS 3 MBX. 

I login OWA and then click an archived item. I get a warning top of the mail, "The archived item is currently unavailable. If you choose repy or forward, only the content shown below will be included.".


Can anyone help me ?


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It sounds like either the OWA extension on the CAS are not able to communicate with the EV server, or the EV server cannot restore the item to the mailbox to display it.

Check the IIS logs on the EV server to see if the CAS requests are making it through.

Also check that you can restore an item from it's shortcut in Outlook.



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if you've ruled out issues with EV itself then you can focus on the CAS. look here for how to enable logging then login to OWA and recreate the issue. the logs will have great troubleshooting information.

OWA with Exchange 2007/2010 and Enterprise Vault Troubleshooting Guide