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The custom form could not be opened. Outlook will use an Outlook form instead.

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EV 2007 SP4. Exchange 2003 SP2. Outlook 2003 SP3.


I have one user out of 150 in our pilot who cannot open shortcuts. Instead she gets:


"The custom form could not be opened. Outlook will use an Outlook form instead. The form required to view this message cannot be displayed. Contact your administrator"


This problem has been discussed in several threads here. Most relevant to me is:


Like the person in that thread, I have "tried everything" and the problem is not resolved.


I know it is local to this user on this PC. I logged in as another user on this PC and their shortcuts work great. I logged this user into another PC, and her shortcuts work great. This user, on this PC (even when granted Local Admin) gets the above message.


In particular:

  • Everyone else works great
  • Org forms deployed (and redeployed just in case) properly
  • Forms deployed locally
  • Cleared the forms cache from Outlook
  • Deleted frmcache.dat (and watched it get recreated so I know it was the right one)
  • Created her a new Outlook profile on this machine - didn't help
  • In Outlook advanced settings in the archiving policy, registry setting (I forget the exact EV parameter) set to "Write"


Does anyone have any new info on this problem? I may just give up and have her machine reimaged.








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I would try deleting the whole profile - do you have roaming enabled? Sometimes there is corruption within a profile and even doing what you have done cannot resolve it.


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Is this vista? Maybe check the DPI resolution.


Deleting the Windows profile could also help.

And the forms are in the personal store? Otherwise you can set this to deploay forms locally: always

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Nope, it's not Vista. It's XP SP3. Thanks for the link, which is interesting but it's not exactly our problem. We can see the icons correctly. Double-clicking gives the error noted in the subject though.


I think I will either first try the advice of Mark Barefoot's post and delete the entire profile (we do not have roaming enabled BTW). If that doesn't work I'm going to get the machine reimaged. This problem is just too flaky to spend too much more energy on, since (a) this user on other PCs works fine and (b) other users on this PC work fine. It's just this user on this PC that does not work. Time for the big hammer I guess.


Thanks for the comments.



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I just had this problem messing around with a machine and found this thread. i ended up fixing it doing the following steps.

Uninstalled EV Client

(outlook 2003)
Tools > Options > Other > Advanced Options > Custom Forms > Manage Forms > Deleted all items from right side (Personal Forms)

On Left side (organization Forms), Select each Enterprise Vault form (4 items) and copied to right side (personal Forms)

Reinstall EV Client.

Tested OK... Hope this fixes your problem.