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The set of folders could not be opened.

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Hi folks,
We are currently running the PST locator, collector and migrator task and everything is running successfully, except for one small issue. When the PSTs have been migrated, a new folder is created in the users mailbox, which is perfect. However the old Personal Folders tab is still displayed (this is the root folder in Outlook  under which PST files are created. When you click on this folder it says "The set of folders cannot be displayed". When you right click on the folder and "Close Personal Folders", we get the message "The operation failed. An object could not be found". Data File Management menu item does not allow for removal. Can anyone shed any light on why this would be happening?

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Unless I am mistaken, this is by design David.  If your users had or have the permissions to restore archived items, they are restored to the original location (host and container / folder).  If this folder was deleted, the restores would fail.
You may have noticed that optional switches exist that permit you to delete, hide, or mark read-only - the PST file after it has been migrated but there are no parameters that permit you to delete the hosting folder. 
Again I believe that this is by design.  There are references within SQL that identify where the data item came from before it was archived so that it can be restored to the correct location.  This would explain why you can't delete the folder or access it unless items are restored there first.
Anyone have any other comments or suggestions?

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Outlook should remove PST Files automatically which are Hidden & Read Only.

Just FYI.


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