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This Item could not be downloaded. (OIOM) and Outlook 2013

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Dear Experts,

The problem: a couple of users out of several thousand have reported an "OIOM" error, when trying to open items in their EV archives.

We have a somewhat mixed environment, as we're moving towards an Exchange 2013 environment.

Currently, an EV 10.0.2 Server with EV Outlook Add-In ver rolled out to clients, mostly using Windows 7 Pro.

In the last few months our Outlook 2007 clients were upgraded to Outlook 2013. In the main this has been very successful, but we have clients reporting an error panel: "Could not show this item. Try again. If it still fails, contact your Help Desk. The item could not be downloaded. (OIOM)"


No other codes are shown in the panel. No Hex codes appear. All we have is 'OIOM'.


In Windows 7 Registry, both of these settings are in place, through Group Policy and under most other places such as software\microsoft... 12.0/outlook/pst  ...14.0/outlook/pst   



On my laptop they're in the above places, but not under 15.0/pst 

I personally do not encounter the 'OIOM' error. The users reporting the issue are in different regional offices.

Our security protocols do not allow me access to the users machines.

Appreciate any pointers to getting over this problem.



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It looks like the registry entry PSTDisableGrow is causing the problem. Have a look at this tech note for more details